Season’s End – A Mix of Emotions

The first hard frost hit the farm last Friday night putting an official end to the growing season and sending Sebastian and me on a color-seeking nature walk. These cool temps bring a lull to my daily chores, and I am finally able to take a moment to reflect and give thanks for what was truly a remarkable year. My gardens never looked so bright, nor brought more people together. Trading in 10+ years of experience growing vegetables for my new found love of flowers was a big transition, adding to that navigating my first year solo farming and single-parenting my 3-year-old son carried with it an element of the unknown — but what unfolded was truly remarkable and left me feeling a mix of emotions.

Accomplishment. I did it! From seed starting in February to September’s final harvest – I totally did it! I found an amazing part-time employee, expanded my wholesale accounts, launched my very first weekly CSA bouquet subscription, hosted three farm events, seeded, planted, weeded, harvested, ran deliveries, developed marketing materials, laughed, cried, and got to wake up every morning and do what I love with my son Sebastian by my side.

Exhaustion. One of the hardest parts about farming this year has been knowing when to stop. The farm will take everything you give it and oftentimes it is hard to establish a balance between one’s body’s abilities and one’s brain’s drive to do it all. I hope finding this balance will come with time, but for this year, Sebastian was my sounding board. For being too tired means I am not being as good of a mom as I know I can be.

Ambition. With each passing season there is an underlying eagerness to put all I have learned to the test. My mailbox is already filing with 2019 seed catalogs. New fall-planted bulbs will be arriving next week, and I am already having fun re-configuring my garden plots to include new perennial cutting beds and a hedgerow of trees and shrubs that will add striking foliage, branches, berries, and structural elements to next year’s bouquets.

Gratitude. I am forever grateful for your support. A vision of flowers, hops, and building a community is what has guided my work and decisions since the beginning, and though this has been a tough year on many fronts, it has also had its share of magic. Of the many things there are to be grateful for, this year was all about community. Be it through our farm events, the plants and flowers grown, new farmer networks, or my work as the local Chamber Director — I love my community and am so grateful for the support we show one another.


Bringing you beauty one handful at a time.

Thank you,

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  • Tricia

    October 20, 2018 at 2:51 pm

    Sarah, the honesty and humanity of this post brought tears to my eyes. I am in awe of all you have accomplished, and the love for your work and your son flow through your words. Balance is a tough goal, but it is a worthy one!