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Plan a Visit to Sweet 16 Farm

Fillmore County Journal, April 30, 2018, Barb Jeffers, Photo by Barb Jeffers
Sweet 16 Farm is so much more than a farm; it’s a destination. It’s an experience all its own; it’s the adventure you make it. It’s blue skies, sunshine and flowers rolled into a working, sustainable farm that has more to discover. Sweet 16 Farm encompasses sustainability and community, as Mann says, “The more we can invite our community to experience and participate in what we have going here, then we feel like we are a part of something (bigger).” …read more

Sweet 16 Farm Kissed with Success

AgriNews, August 8, 2017, Holly Galbus, Photo by Holly Galbus
HOUSTON, Minn. — Sarah Joy Wexler looks over the rows of dinosaur kale, sweet peppers, pattypan squash and ripe tomatoes, and snips the choicest ones. After she finishes harvesting vegetables, she will move to the cutting garden, where a lush display of zinnias, celosia and sunflowers beckon. …read more

Sweet 16 Is Not Your Average Farm

Tri-County Record, August 4, 2017, Chad Smith, Photo by Chad Smith
At first glance, the Sweet 16 Farm looks like many area farms, with a tidy house at its center and outbuildings on all sides. On closer inspection, however, it’s clear this is no typical operation. There are no visible corn and soybean fields, there’s a noticeable lack of livestock, and just off the farmyard, strange-looking green vines snake their way up towering ropes and poles. …read more

Sweet 16 Farm Focuses on Sustainability, Community

Caledonia Argus, April 14, 2017, Craig Moorhead, Photos by Sarah Wexler-Mann
Named for its location along a State Highway near Houston, Minnesota, Sweet 16 Farm is squarely aimed at connecting to the local community and agri-tourists from far and wide. It’s also about showcasing sustainable agricultural products. “Believe it or not, neither Daniel or I come from a farming background,” Sarah Wexler-Mann reported. In 2010, the couple bought a Houston County farm that had once housed a dairy operation, then set out to restore the land through organic farming, the elimination of invasive species, and plenty of hard work. …read more

Enjoy, Connect with the Land: Houston County Farm Seeks to Build on Ag-Tourism Trend

Winona Daily News, September 19, 2016, Tesla Mitchell, Photos by Chuck Miller
HOUSTON, Minn. — Along Hwy. 16 between Rushford and Houston, is a small wooden produce stand along the road with a sign above it that reads “Sweet 16 Farm.” There’s a cute little checkout window and a kids’ slide near the 10 by 6 foot stand, and on Fridays and Saturdays the stand is filled with brightly colored freshly picked produce and beautifully designed bouquets of flowers …read more