Local Flowers

Bringing the bees, butterflies, and a burst of color to the farm, cutflowers are available for purchase during the spring and summer months either as made-to-order custom arrangements or through our bouquet subscription program – a flower CSA! For our bouquet subscription, each week, late-April through earlySeptember, we create gorgeous arrangements full of seasonal bounty. All blooms are sustainably grown from seed right here at Sweet 16 Farm.On average, each bouquet will contain 20-25 stems artfully arranged in kraft-paper sleeves, hand-stamped with our farm’s logo. Our CSA bouquet subscriptions are perfect for your home or business and also make a wonderful gift.

We offer CSA subscriptions for both the spring and the summer:

  • Spring CSA subscriptions feature our specialty cut anemones, ranunculus, tulips, and alliums. It runs late April through early June and is available for purchase in either 3-week($75) and 6-week($125) subscriptions
  • Summer CSA subscriptions feature lily, lisianthus, sunflowers, and dahlias. It runs late June through early September and is available in for purchase in either 5-week($125) or 10-week($200) subscriptions.

We have convenient pick-up locations and business delivery services in Houston, Rushford, Lanesboro, Winona, Rochester and La Crosse.

Shop our 2020 Flower CSA Program:

Sweet 16 Farm is dedicated to sustainable farming practices — our methods are 100% sustainable. We do not use sprays, fertilizers, or chemical pest deterrents.


Our Local Flowers