Local Flowers

Bringing the bees, butterflies, and a burst of color to the farm, cut flowers are available for purchase during the summer months either as made-to-order custom arrangements or through our CSA program. For our CSA, each week, late-June through early September, we will create gorgeous arrangements full of seasonal bounty to wow your senses. All blooms are organically grown from seed to flower right here at Sweet 16 Farm. On average, each bouquet will contain 15-25 stems artfully arranged in kraft-paper sleeves, hand-stamped with our farm’s logo. CSA subscriptions are available as either a full share, 12-weeks/$235, or half share, 6-weeks/$128. Farm pick-up is preferred, but we are working on securing CSA pick-up locations in Houston, Winona, La Crosse, and Lanesboro. We would be happy to discuss these delivery options further with you. Our bouquets CSA subscriptions are perfect for your home or business and also make a wonderful gift! Looking for specific quantities or varieties? Check out our projected 2018 bloom availability chart for details on what we are growing.

What is CSA? Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between farm and community. Sharing the rewards as well as the risks of the season’s bounty. Your purchase of a CSA bouquet subscription helps support our work this growing season and invest in the next, purchasing new flower and seed varieties, restocking supplies, and making repairs to equipment and infrastructure.

Sweet 16 Farm is dedicated to sustainable farming practices — our methods are 100% organic. We do not use sprays, fertilizers, or chemical pest deterrents.


Our Local Flowers