Hop Harvest Fest – COVID

COVID-19 Safety Update

Hop Harvest Music Fest – August 28, 2021

As we witness the resurgence of the pandemic in our nation and communities, we are concerned about bringing so many people together in one location. Our goal is to balance the health and welfare of our family and yours with our desire to come together and celebrate the harvest.

Keep in mind that everyone has different risk factors, vaccination statuses, and levels of comfort attending these events. All of you are an important part of our community and we want each of you to be comfortable attending Hop Harvest Festival this year.

To that end, we are requiring masking in all specially designated public areas during Hop Harvest Fest. These special areas include:

• The beverage and merchandise sales area,
• Food/eating area,
• Kids area, and
• Hop harvesting tent.

Mask wearing in all other areas is requested but not required.

This applies to everyone age 3 years and older whether vaccinated or not..

In addition to wearing masks, we recommend frequent hand washing/sanitizing. Several of these stations are located around the festival area. We also urge you to practice 6ft social distancing from people who are not in the group you came with. Our stage has been moved to a new location this year with wider viewing areas so that people can spread out their seating arrangements. Please space yourselves (or the group you came with) 6 feet from each other. We are sure this will allow everyone to feel more comfortable while enjoying the musical entertainment we’re providing.

We’re so excited to celebrate our hop harvest with you, and it is important that we make sure we do so in a safe manner in order to ourselves, our families, and our friends.